Who Can We Help? Target Audiences and Use Cases

In all these use cases, Dry Powder Bio has a role to play either immediately or as we start to scale with digital asset tokens. Contact us for more information.

Biotech, Life Sciences & Healthcare Companies

Privately held companies across drugs, medical devices, digital health, and 
diagnostics looking for capital, to license their developments, distribution channels, patients for clinical trials, new employees, professional services, or suppliers.

Biotech companies and clinical researchers have more difficulty obtaining investor capital for their companies or research than other sectors such as technology and real estate. There is a much smaller pool of potential investors partly because investors do not understand the science to do their own proper due diligence. In general investment returns take much longer than in other sectors also but can be huge returns with a significant new drug, device, or another advancement. 

Our phase one goal is to help companies find investors from the over 12,000 angel, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds globally listed on our platform.

The next phase will be introducing a digital token fundraising process and platform that reduces friction in processing an investment, transferring a store of value, and supporting reducing regulatory and compliance costs in helping leading-edge companies find capital and the right investors that match their mission.

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Institutional Investors:

For investors, we can provide a specialized platform to find investment opportunities in biotech, life sciences & healthcare companies. This can be for increasing deal flow, being able to filter investment opportunities by preferred sector, stage, primary industry group, main therapeutic focus, geography, companies currently raising capital and other company wants and needs. We want to help generate early conversations that generate closed investment opportunities with leading companies.

We are interested in investors from many countries that can share their stories about what is different about their markets and other criteria people need to know.

You can share your deal criteria what you are looking for and your investor insights here.

Accredited Investors in Healthcare

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Retail Investors:

“Retail investors, are typically an individual or non-professional investor who buys and sells securities through brokerage firms or savings accounts like 401’s.

We also will be educating investors around biotech and related areas in our community and through podcasts, webinars, and other events we will be doing. We want people to understand enough about biotech and general healthcare investing in equities or ETF’s without needing a medical degree.

We will feature private companies on our platform but also invite you to share tips in our community on publicly held small to mid-cap stocks. Learn more here:

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Larger Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies:

Dry Powder Bio Inc. is focused on helping earlier-stage companies get exposure, find capital, partners, clinical trial participants, get sales, licensing deals, top talent media attention, and potential acquisition opportunities.

For larger industry players our platform and relationships can help you find licensing opportunities for technologies or assets at various development stages.

Many of these companies could be great targets for acquisition and investment bankers, private equity or hedge fund investors on our platform might be acquirers besides the strategics.

Larger companies need to innovate at an incredible rate to keep up with growth and shareholder expectations at the same time when many companies have patents expiring on major drugs reducing those revenue streams.

Here are six major risks facing pharmaceutical manufacturers in 2023:

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Academic Institutions

American research universities are one of the strongest assets the US has to compete globally in the innovation economy. Research funding should be a top priority for enhancing American economic growth.

Research!America reported that the total amount spent on medical R&D in 2022 was $182.5 billion. The  major sectors responsible for funding medical R&D included industry; the federal government; academic and research institutions; foundations, voluntary health associations, and professional societies; and state and local governments.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) invests about $41.7 billion annually in medical research. More than 80 percent of NIH’s funding is awarded for extramural research, largely through almost 50,000 competitive grants to more than 300,000 researchers at more than 2,500 universities, medical schools, and other research institutions in every state.

Universities work with their faculty for licensing and startup aspirations and private enterprise mostly through their technology transfer offices promoting, the university “spinouts.” The challenges they have are commercializing the R & D and discovery that is accomplished at the universities. With their cost structure and need to produce high-value commercial products and services only the top tier of American universities covers their operational costs in licensing generated and the return on investment from faculty startups.

The other issue is speed to market. If a researcher or faculty member has a new discovery, there may be others around the world also working on that or there is a narrow window for the usage of a discovery. If they are waiting for an in-house counsel to file patents or a peer-reviewed committee to approve their work, they can miss the opportunity.

The introduction of digital tokens as a store of value, and transfer mechanism will help reduce friction and costs in licensing research and patents and an easier way to connect to global buyers. We wish to partner with university technology transfer offices.

Faculty or Clinical Researchers with Universities, Foundations, Private Institutions

Dry Powder Bio has been approached by various university faculty about other options besides going through the university to launch their startups as a university spinout.

Universities are the default option; however, incentives are not always aligned. Through employment agreements, the universities own the IP but tend to move slowly.

University faculty might not need all the resources a university can provide or need to move faster and not miss the opportunity or secure funding for earlier stage projects that being a researcher or faculty in a university is unable to match in speed or resources needed.

Contact us to set up a confidential call to learn more. We can help with referrals, partners, and investment capital if a viable opportunity. We have employment attorneys on our platform who can advise of your options and opportunities versus using your university resources.

University faculty: check your employment agreements for restrictive covenants and seek legal counsel.

Physician Entrepreneurs and Other Clinicians        

Physicians have the education and patient experience to help faculty spinouts, biotech, and healthcare startups design their business models, help validate their science and go to market plans.

With on average 16 years of education and residency physicians have limited time for business and entrepreneurship classes and education. This can be a good pairing with the business experience side for startups to work with physicians for their ventures or physicians being compensated by equity participation for other startups as an advisor. Physicians should be leading more startups improving patient care and delivering new cures or helping extend or enhance human life.

We want to support physicians from medical school students through to physicians with years of experience in launching or finding entrepreneurial opportunities.

Other use cases that can use the Dry Powder Bio platform: