The Four-Minute Mile

& The Limits of Conventional Thinking

Runners had the belief that the 4-minute mile was a human barrier that could not be broken. That barrier had seemed unbreakable for decades. But then in 1954, British Olympian, Roger Bannister ran a 3:59.4-mile race. Then others knew it was physically possible to achieve it. And 46 days later it was broken and 1600+ people since 1954 have broken that record because runners then believed it was possible.


When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020, the historical mindset from top industry leaders was finding a vaccine would take many years. The fastest vaccine previously was the vaccine discovered to cure Ebola which was four years. But in general, most vaccines take 8, 10 up to 25 years, and for many diseases maybe never. For years we have just accepted the status quo that was the way things were done.

Yet Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca, and others developed a vaccine starting in nine months. Why? Because they had to.

And other components were updated including supply chains and governments’ role in building public/private partnerships with speed and agility that would not have been envisioned before. And technology platforms and biotech formed a much closer symbiotic relationship in synchronizing solutions.

More Opportunities for Individuals in

Biotech and Healthcare

With the global pandemic, there have been billions of dollars invested worldwide in research and development. That has accelerated innovation by years in terms of research, regulatory boundaries, collaboration, financial models, infrastructure, public/private partnerships, and other supply chain integrations. Universities have expanded programs to educate a new class of innovators.

This has helped clear research, the approval process, and the funding pipeline to make many other new drug candidates and treatments quicker and safer. It has also accelerated the potential return on investment (ROI) for investors making investing more likely in riskier sectors or earlier stages. Grant funding sources have been refocused on solving the pandemic and also speed to market for every research discovery. 

This has also created tremendous new opportunities for entrepreneurs in biotech, life sciences, MedTech, healthcare, and other related areas.   

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