Precision Medicine

The term Precision Medicine applies to an approach where the prevention, treatment options, and cure of a particular disease consider various factors like genetic differences, environment, and lifestyle choices. This means that individuals having the same disease would receive different treatments based on individual profiles rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Precision Medicine and Personalized Medicine are two different approaches that are sometimes used interchangeably.

Personalized medicine refers to treatment, cure, or disease management process specific for one unique type of condition found in an individual whereas, in the case of Precision Medicine, it is based on genetic profiles, lifestyle, and environment. The treatment can be prescribed to a set of individuals pertaining to that group. Precision medicine is a relatively new concept in Modern Medicine but historically it has been used in procedures like blood transfusions or organ transplant cases where the patient profile and donor’s profile are pre-matched.






Advantages of Precision Medicine






Where is Precision Medicine Used?

The most promising area where Precision Medicine has been useful is Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer. Doctors can use genetic testing to determine if a patient is more susceptible to get certain forms of cancer. If the genetic analysis reveals a higher chance of the patient getting cancer, then the Doctor can tailor the treatment options. Researchers now know that tumors from different body parts can have the same genetic constitution. Treatment approaches are now simplified.

Precision Medicine is also being used to treat lung cancer, colon cancer, Melanoma, pancreatic cancer as well in case of rare diseases like cystic fibrosis, HIV, and certain heart conditions.

Why Should You Get Your DNA Tested?

Many people face unique conditions with no answers for especially if they do not live near a major research hospital in a big city. Due to lack of information, they just Google for answers and they are left clueless about what would or wouldn’t work for them. Even if they consult a doctor, diagnosis is difficult as there are any number of data points that need to be considered. They just try and relieve the symptoms. Hence, there is a pressing need to get their DNA analysis done. There are tests available for people who are interested to know about their lineage, or if they are carriers of any specific genetic disease that might help in early detection, prevention, or better management of their condition. They may also have a potential disease that could affect their family members later also.

The human genome is made up of around 7 billion pieces of information. Various factors like hereditary, lab tests, and diets make the person that you are. To make sustainable health decisions, there is a need for DNA testing and analysis.

There are tests available to cater to specific needs for example :

  1. 23 & Me This is one of the most popular DNA testing and analysis services that helps track the ancestry and health of the people taking this test.
  2. Ancestry DNA Genetic Ethnicity Test: Has a large customer database, detailed results, and more family matches in these tests.
  3. My Heritage DNA: Economical overall DNA testing Kit.
  4. SelfDecode is a new startup company that has been able to analyze billions of pieces of information with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help patients uncover the root cause of their health issues. It also provides them with a comprehensive plan with specific supplements, diets, and lifestyle changes to manage their problems. The recommendations are based on a person's genes and other personal health data.

The solutions are integrative in approach as all relevant health data points are taken into consideration whereas the services provided by most other companies are generic in nature. Once you become a member at SelfCode you get up to 83 million genetic variants analyzed (versus a typical 23andme kit that analyzes 650K SNPs analyzed through a process called genetic imputation. Post analysis, the solutions provided are scientific and are supported with peer-reviewed research studies.


Dry Powder Bio

Our goal is to help accelerate medical cures, collaboration, research & investment. Having more people globally get their DNA tested and analyzed helps fuel a larger population of potential and current diseases to map with researchers and the funding mechanisms focused on those cures. As mentioned with Rare Diseases we will be able to channel funding and research to the disease areas that match our community and have funding potential.

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