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Software Development Services for Data Transformation

Specialized Experience with Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

For Projects Involving Emerging technology, AI, data mining, blockchain, and cloud infrastructure.

Dry Powder Bio, Inc. is in partnership with an IT innovation services company that has Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Digital Innovation Labs based out of Singapore and India.

They specialize in providing business-aligned, data-driven solutions for companies in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotech, and financial markets.

Data transformation using emerging tech including AI, big data, and cloud is our core expertise. Our innovation consulting model helps companies transition from BI to AI to get better business, operational efficiency, customer/market insights for better forecasting and planning using data.

Our Vision:

To help pharma businesses and their leaders, CRO and biotech labs make better decisions by addressing critical business use cases/challenges with their customers, products, and within their organization with a complete 360° understanding of their data using emerging technologies.

Pharmaceutical & life sciences 4.0: Our global consulting services with our vast experience focus on our clients' most critical growth and revenue challenges, unlock business, technology, customer, marketing, innovation, operations, and organization strategies. Our engagement in the data-driven transformation journey helps solve complex business use cases/problems and adapting a value-driven approach to realize the true potential of data-boosted transformation solutions. Over the past many years, we have been addressing critical business use cases for companies through a complete understanding of their data.

We do that using:

Specialized expertise is in the following domains: 

The frameworks/solutions above are used to develop in the following areas: 

The company has completed over 100+ complex projects implemented successfully for companies including Fortune 500 Companies like Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, Cummins, SAP India, Dole, Capita, Legend, PepsiCo, Tesco, Yahoo, Nike, BNP Paribas, HDFC, PLA, Takada, PWC, KPMG, BT, McKinsey, MC Group, SHFL, Pernod Ricard.

Additional Expertise:

Some of the business use cases handled: CDO 4.0 (Chief Data Officer) Innovation Based Management & Technology Consulting

The company has subject matter, domain, and technical expertise in the pharma, genomics, and healthcare industry. Over the past many years, we have been addressing critical business use cases for companies through a complete understanding of their data. An overview of some of the use cases we have handled in the past:​

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