FAQs & Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines and New Moderator Information

Dry Powder Bio is an online community created for company founders, investors, clinicians, researchers, suppliers, government, academic institutions, and patient advocacy groups. Members joining the community are industry professionals who want to share their thoughts, experiences, find answers, or new collaborators, and are here to connect with like-minded professionals.

We want the Dry Powder Bio community to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression. Post authentic information, photos, and videos and always make a positive contribution. Respect everyone on the Dry Powder Bio community and please do not spam the place with irrelevant posts. Our moderators will need to remove you or we have to create a gate to approve new members which limit spontaneous participation.

Our community caters to diverse cultures, ages, and beliefs. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the different points of view that create a safe and open environment for everyone. We have created the Community Guidelines so that you can help us foster and protect this amazing community. Science has many paths and the right answer is not always clear. Others might have a different conclusion than you or not have the same experience or exposure. That is the value of sharing and refining these discussions. If you believe your argument state your credentials and why.

By using the Dry Powder Bio community, we request you please adhere to these guidelines and our Terms Of Use. We’re committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.

How to Join?

You can join our community from the directory website or following this URL: https://community.drypowderbio.com/

To sign in, please provide Your Name, Company Name and Email address. Your profile will be created once you join the community.

How to Create Your Profile?

Once you join the community, the next important step is to build your profile for others to have more context about your experience. Follow the instructions in the images below to build your profile.


Click on the top right corner, below that click on the "View your profile" option.


Please update the following fields to complete your profile.

Your profile information will give a clear idea of your interest and area of expertise so that that people working in the same area or interests can connect and interact with ease.

Once you join, You will be directed to the feed page. The feed page has different groups where posts, articles, opinion pieces or relevant news articles are posted by community members. This is an area where you can start posting content , share thoughts and connect.

How to Join Community Groups?

You will see a list of groups when you navigate to the Groups option from the side navigation menu. Click the Join Requests tab to individual groups to become a member. You can see Featured Groups at the top. Make the most of the activity happening by joining all the major Featured Groups.



The Events tab on the menu bar shows upcoming events you might be interested in. Please click on the different events listed to find out more. Click "Going" to add yourself to the RSVP list as shown in the image. Note many of the events have their own separate signup pages and does not run through the Dry Powder Bio Community. This will be obvious from the link.



How to Publish a Quick post?

For a quick post, within each group, click the "+" icon. You create a quick post, article, create a poll and publish it on the feeds page or post it in a specific group.



Polls and Questions

Click on the "+" tab to create a poll or a question. This would be reflected on the feed page.

This way you can create your own polls and ask questions that might be useful to get an opinion or conduct a survey on topics that you think are important.

Interested to Become a Moderator?

We appreciate your valued posts and are looking for moderators for our groups to publish more specific information and to help curate content after reviewing some of your posts. A moderator role can be a "light house" in these groups. It can enhance your career by showcasing your expertise and tying in what you do to support the group themes as well as connect to new people. If interested to know more send us an email here, editorial@drypowderbio.com

How to Publish an Article

Once you become a moderator of any group, you can lead the discussions of that group and you will have the option to post your own articles. Group members would connect more and interact when they read an opinion piece from an expert.

Do You Have an Idea for a New Group or Online Course We Can Market for You?

If you have an idea for a new community group you would like to lead or an online course you can teach contact us and let us know what you want to do. We will start charging monthly subscription fees for high value content groups we will have and can charge for online courses as a one-time course or a series. We can offer a revenue share opportunity with you as a group leader or instructor. We are open to new ideas so contact us here, editorial@drypowderbio.com