An LG First: Introducing the LA Business Innovation Center for Medical Environments

An LG First: Introducing the LA Business Innovation Center for Medical Environments

LG Business Solutions, a leading provider of innovative products and technologies for enterprises and the B2B market, has introduced another first: its LA Business Innovation Center for the Medical Environment and Medical Practitioners.

The company already has two business innovation centers in Chicago and Atlanta. Its LA Business Innovation Center focuses on medical environments. It gives healthcare providers and medical device purchasers the opportunity to interact with LG’s market-ready medical devices and displays before making a purchase.

The development of the business innovation center shows LG’s commitment to advancing medicine by providing cutting-edge technology, digital displays for diagnostics, radiology, telemedicine, messaging, and conferencing tools.

What to expect

Every medical facility has its own challenges. LG’s interactive showroom allows medical device purchasers and healthcare professionals to assess the suitability of LG’s proposed solutions as applied to their own issues. The goal is for them to find solutions that would improve their processes and facilities, while benefiting from LG’s flashy technologies.

There are 12 distinct zones in the center, each dedicated to a specific space that is common throughout medical settings, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. Aside from offering commercial devices and technologies, the hub also offers customers a hands-on experience of future product concepts.

Some of the medical environments include:

  • Nurse Station

  • Consultation Room

  • Back Office

  • gram Lounge

  • Patient Room

  • X-Ray Room

  • Operating Room


Meanwhile, some of the innovations include:

  • A full line-up of LG diagnostic, surgical, and clinical review monitors

  • Digital X-ray detectors

  • CLOi Robots

  • Direct view LED

  • Transparent OLED

  • gram laptops


Innovation in medical environments

It is understood that quick and efficient information is of primary importance for timely and accurate medical decisions. In the medical setting, information sharing and group viewing are sometimes necessary. LG’ resolves this through its Thin Client cloud-based workstations can enhance medical data security. Meawhile, Ultra-Wide Ergo Monitors give a tremendous experience of ample screen for information sharing and critical tasks.

Hands-on training and experience are offered to visitors about One:Quick Share screen and its sharing with compatible digital signage models; touchscreen Arm TV, and LG Acquisition Workstation Software. Touchscreen Arm TVs are used by patients and installed on bedsides while Acquisition Workstation Software processes X-ray images.

Time is of the essence in the medical community. With the right tools, healthcare professionals will be able to provide the right treatment and care to their patients. As the needs of the medical field evolve over time, LG’s cutting-edge solutions could become the cornerstone of medical innovation.


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