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Dry Powder Bio, Inc. is building a virtual  startup accelerator platform to invest and partner in early stage companies or projects close to university spin out in biotech, life sciences, digital health, medical devices and diagnostics. 

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Specifically we want to target support for:

1. Innovative companies in drug discovery, digital health, MedTech and diagnostics that have raised $1 to $5 million plus in angel or venture capital funding already. Plus, good if they have received government grants from NIH, SBIR, foundations or others to help validate their direction and need for their mission. 

2. Faculty at universities or research institutions working on exciting projects close to commercialization. We can help with spinning out of the university they work at.

3. Forward thinking, innovative university tech transfer offices to work with us to build early prototypes, tokenomics and legal models around IP licensing agreements. 

4. Patients and families with diseases or illnesses we might be able to target specifically to support especially around rare diseases.

5. Accredited investors to help invest in accelerating R&D and commercialization of breakthrough science and teams. 

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