About Us

Dry Powder Bio, Inc. operates an online marketplace and community connecting biotech company founders, investors, clinicians, suppliers, academia, government, patient advocacy groups, professional services providers, and associations. The goal is to help accelerate medical cures, collaboration, research & investment.

Our core mission is to help speed drug discovery, MedTech and digital health innovation by building an ecosystem that helps expand funding research. The second goal is to help commercialize company and researcher products, services, and licensing opportunities more efficiently in the market than today.

We will be introducing a non-fungible token (NFT) and open-source workflow and will add team analysis and a Scientific Advisory Panel that is rewarded with tokens to help vote for the projects with the most potential and other actions required by this community.

Our goal is to introduce a new funding mechanism to reduce costs and friction in funding biotech companies for $1 to $20 million raises, but also be able to fund earlier stage peer-reviewed research and projects just coming out of academia by facilitating micro-transactions.

Pasteur Institute, Startup Breakfast Series 

Dry Powder Bio, Inc. CEO & Co-founder, Mark Stoner recently gave a presentation to the Pasteur Institute based in Paris and here is a video recording from the Institute's YouTube channel. As it was "The Startup Awareness Series," Mark spoke about startup tips from Silicon Valley. At about 11:10 in the video he introduced Dry Powder Bio and the business model to use digital asset tokens or NFT’s to fund medical research and early biotech companies.

Video Presentation to the Pasteur Institute

Dry Powder Bio, Inc. Team

Our headquarters is in San Francisco and currently have a startup team from seven countries. Combined our team has experience in biotech, life sciences, general medicine, blockchain, crypto development, social media, community management, venture capital, and private equity.

Mark Stoner, CEO & Co-Founder, Dry Powder Bio, Inc.  

Senior business development leader with US and international sales and marketing experience  for professional services firms including tech and consulting experience with Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Other roles include working for France Telecom in Paris for 3 years and as a registered lobbyist for the British Government creating foreign direct investment to the UK. 

Mark also has experience working for a blockchain development agency where the company launched 25 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) that raised over $40 million.

Angel investor and Advisor. 

Mark Stoner-LinkedIn Profile

Prentice Tom MD, Co-Founder, Dry Powder Bio, Inc.

Prentice Tom MD is a seasoned healthcare delivery and health technology executive.   


He has  served as President of Galen Inpatient Services, Chief Innovation Officer of Vituity, Chief Medical Officer at Kintsugi, and faculty at Stanford Medical School. He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Johns  Hopkins. In his free time, Prentice is an avid skier, cyclist, and Krav Maga practitioner.


Prentice Tom, MD-LinkedIn Profile



Advisors to Dry Powder Bio, Inc.

Robyn Leary, Genetic Engineer, Biotech Inventor/Scientist, Angel Investor

Dennis Takasugi- Medical Diagnostics and Biopharmaceutical Commercialization Consultant

Jackie Song-Former Amgen, Chief of Staff and Director of Strategy & Operations - Japan Asia Pacific Region

Edye Edens-Lawyer, Clinical Trials Compliance

Cyrus Sarraf- Former Crypto Team at Robinhood, Coinbase, Google

Amer Mujkanovic, MD, Researcher, and Biostatistician, PhD, Clinical Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Fulbright Scholarship Alumni


Steve Goldsmith-Healthcare Marketing, investor

Ajeeth Rao, Co-Founder & CEO at Inventico Creative (Our innovation services partner)
Inventico Creative is an innovation, technology and consulting company providing business aligned, data driven solutions for the pharma and life science industry.